Sustained Outrage

Natural Gas, fracking

We’ve written many times before on this blog about the continuing questions regarding the climate impacts of the boom in natural gas drilling (see here, here, here, here and here). Today, there’s more news on this topic, from a series of studies sponsored by the Environmental Defense Fund. As EDF chief scientist Steven Hamburg explains:

Methane emissions from vast oil and gas operations in the densely populated Barnett Shale region of Texas are 50 percent higher than estimates based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) greenhouse gas inventory, according to a series of 11 new papers published today in Environmental Science & Technology.

The majority of these emissions are from a small but widespread number of sources across the region’s oil and gas supply chain. These emissions come from the sort of leaks and equipment malfunctions that are relatively easy to prevent with proper and frequent monitoring and repair practices.

Inside Climate news has a great roundup of the studies available here.