Sustained Outrage

Corridor H pollution problems continue


Department of Environmental Protection photo showing sediment from Corridor H construction.

It’s interesting that the promoters of the Corridor H highway chose this week for a press conference to promote their latest proposal for funding the rest of the project and getting it completed by 2020.

West Virginia media outlets had barely finished copying and pasting the Corridor H Authority’s press release when the state Department of Environmental Protection posted for public comment a new agreement with the state Department of Transportation over the latest water pollution violations associated with construction of the highway. DEP has posted the settlement here, and is accepting public comments through June 12 (I’ve also posted a copy of the agreement here, because DEP often removes these from its website once the comment period is over).

This settlement — which includes a monetary penalty of more than $74,000 — comes after a previous settlement in January 2014 and a long list of new violations DEP discovered after that settlement.

You have to wonder if supporters of Corridor H ought to spend a little less time promoting the idea of speeding up construction, and a little more time urging DOT to ensure that construction complies with environmental laws. And not for nothing, but we’re still waiting on word on an expected re-evaluation of environmental studies of the portion of the road from Parsons to Davis …