Obama OSHA again delays combustible dust rule

May 27, 2014 by Ken Ward Jr.

Barack Obama

We’ve written many times (see here, here and here) about the dangers of combustible dust, and the need for the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration to move forward with an industry-wide rule to prevent needless deaths and injuries — like the one that claimed three lives at AL Solutions in New Cumberland, W.Va., back in December 2010.

But it probably should come as no surprise that the latest Obama administration regulatory agenda — issued late last week, just before a holiday weekend — shows absolutely no progress on this rulemaking.

The last we heard, in December 2013, OSHA still hasn’t convened a promised panel to consider the rule’s potential impacts on small businesses.  And OSHA doesn’t plan to do so until at least April 2014. But in its new regulatory agenda, the administration now says it won’t even convene that small business panel until December 2014.

As I wrote the last time the regulatory agenda came out six months ago …

… The combustible dust rule — a proposal the U.S. Chemical Safety Board listed as its first-ever “most wanted” safety reform by OSHA — continues to go nowhere.

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