Sustained Outrage

Sen. Joe Manchin


The folks who run West Virginia’s Democratic Party put out a blistering press release last night, declaring:

THIS JUST IN: Evan Jenkins accepted the maximum legal contribution from out-of-state billionaire David Koch on April 28th according to federal documents.

David Koch is one half of the duo Koch Brothers who have been pouring money into West Virginia elections for political gain and misleading West Virginia voters.

The release goes on:

This contribution came just days after Congressman Nick Rahall released his “New York City” campaign ad defending himself against the misleading ads targeting him paid for by Americans for Prosperity.  

 Americans for Prosperity is a conservative outside group founded by Charles and David Koch.

 The Koch Brothers were also responsible for slashing nearly 100 West Virginia jobs by closing the Georgia Pacific Plant in Mount Hope.

 State Senator Evan Jenkins is no stranger to dirty money. He has also taken money from Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, who is the architect of the Republican Budget that attacks West Virginia’s middle class families and Don Blankenship and Massey Coal, who were responsible for one of the worst mining disasters that claimed the lives of 29 miners at Upper Big Branch.

But wait  …. wasn’t one major West Virginia Democrat just telling us (see here, here and here) that the Koch brothers are just “job creators” who aren’t doing anything against the law?

That’s right. Here’s what Sen. Joe Manchin said in response to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s criticism of the Koch brothers and their political spending:

You don’t beat up people, I mean I don’t agree with their politics or their philosophy. But you know, they’re Americans. They’re doing their taxes … their not breaking the law. They’re providing jobs. Right wrong or indifferent, if you don’t like their politics … this type of rhetoric does not help us move this country and move the agenda forward.

See for yourself. Here’s the video: