Sustained Outrage

When is reform not really reform?

West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tombin, a Democrat, laughs as he delivers his inauguration speech on Monday, Jan. 14, 2013, in Charleston, W.Va. This is Tomblin’s second term in office. AP Photo/Randy Snyder)

Over on the Gazette’s Coal Tattoo blog, we’ve done several pieces about the lack of follow-up actions by the Tomblin administration to enforce West Virginia’s new mine safety law (see here and here).

We also had a story the other day about how the state Department of Environmental Protection is behind schedule in completing studies required of it under West Virginia’s new natural gas drilling law.

What these stories have in common is they involve West Virginia lawmakers passing “reform” legislation aimed at protecting the public, and then agencies charged with implementing those laws not following up to the letter (and sometimes the spirit) of the law. There seems to be a trend here …