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C8 update: Another paper, but still no regulations

There’s a very interesting new paper out on C8 that concludes:

Girls with higher prenatal exposure to each of the PFCs examined were smaller at birth than those with lower exposure. In addition, those with higher exposure to (PFOS) were larger at 20 months.

This is especially interesting, given the previous findings of the C8 Science Panel last December:

On the basis of epidemiologic and other scientific data available to the C8 Science Panel, we conclude that there is not a probable link between exposure to PFOA (C8) and preterm birth or low birthweight.

Meanwhile, Callie Lyons had an important blog post on C8 issues, reporting this:

Despite lawsuits and health studies, the controversial manufacturing substance C8 remains unregulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Cincinnati attorney Rob Bilott is urging the agency to take swift action in light of recent findings from the C8 Science Panel.

Bilott says he is concerned because he recently discovered EPA intends to delay actual regulatory activity until 2025 – or 24 years after he first requested action on the part of his Mid Ohio Valley clients.
“On behalf of our individual resident clients who have been and/or continue to be exposed to PFOA in their residential drinking water, we again urge US EPA to take action more quickly to release appropriate limits and guidelines for PFOA in drinking water applicable to long-term, chronic exposures, particularly given the recent data confirming thousands of cases of serious human disease linked to such exposures among impacted residential communities,” Bilott said in an Aug. 20 letter to EPA. “Twenty four years is far too long to ask our clients to wait.”