Sustained Outrage

We’ve got our initial news story online from this morning’s press conference up in Wood County, reporting:

A three-person team of scientists has found a “probable link” between C8 and high blood pressure among pregnant women, but no such link between exposure to the chemical and other reproductive effects, including low birth weight, miscarriage and birth defects.

Members of the C8 Science Panel issued the findings, which are the first major conclusions of their six-year study of the DuPont Co. chemical.

Reports of the panel’s first “probable link” findings were filed this morning with Wood Circuit Judge J.D. Beane and were being released to the media at a press conference at a local conference center.

Along with four reports on their probable link findings, C8 Science Panel members were also issuing new “status reports” related to updated figures on C8 blood levels in Mid-Ohio Valley residents, outlining a connection between C8 exposure and thyroid disease, and a more detailed look at C8 and reproductive health outcomes.

The first-ever C8 “probable link” reports are on the C8 Science Panel’s website here, here, here and here. And their latest status reports are here, here and here.