Sustained Outrage

Big news coming on Monday: The C8 Science Panel plans to release its first conclusions about whether there is a “probable link” between DuPont’s toxic chemical and any adverse health effects. According to a media advisory:

On the morning of Monday, December 5, the first C8 Science Panel reports on whether or not there is a probable link between C8 and human disease will be delivered to the Wood County Court. Probable link reports to be covered on Monday will include reproductive outcomes only; other probable link outcomes will be delivered at a later date as more research is completed.

The panel plans a press conference Monday morning to discuss the findings.

Under the terms of the 2004 class-action settlement, the Science Panel was set up to determine if there is a probable link between C8 and human disease. If there is, then DuPont is on the hook for more than $200 million to set up a medical monitoring program for Mid-Ohio Valley residents whose water supplies were polluted with C8.

As we’ve explained before:

The term “probable link” isn’t a standard one for scientists who study toxic chemical exposure. It’s defined in the DuPont legal settlement as whether, “based upon the weight of the available scientific evidence, it is more likely than not that there is a link between exposure to C8 and a particular human disease” among Mid-Ohio Valley residents taking part in the suit.

The Science Panel has said it would release all of its final probable link determinations by July 2012.