Sustained Outrage

New paper finds possible C8 link to breast cancer

There’s a fascinating new paper out on the website of the journal Environmental Health, reporting “for the very first time a significant association between serum PFC levels and the risk” of breast cancer.

The paper is available here, and it was written by researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark.

Interestingly, the paper examines breast cancer among the  Inuit population of Greenland and Canada. The authors offered some cautions:

There are some weaknesses in the presented study. Firstly, the few subjects involved, 31 cases and 115 controls, gives a poor statistically power. However, the highly related serum PFC levels with the risk of BC cancer did persist in all our effort to make up a better case control frequency match.

And they also said:

The recent increase in BC incidence might be explained by the high burden of legacy POPs and increased exposure to new emerging POPs such as PFCs together with the recent transition in the Inuit diet from the traditional marine food to more western food and lifestyle factors such as smoking and alcohol intake.