Sustained Outrage

CSB again votes down release of DuPont report

After last week’s sulfuric acid leak at the DuPont Co. chemical plant in Belle, W.Va., you would think the U.S. Chemical Safety Board would move quickly to get its report on the facility out to the public … But you would be wrong.

CSB officials revealed late today that board members have again voted down plans proposed by chairman Rafael Moure-Eraso to hold a public meeting to release the report.

Apparently, other board members had serious problems with the proposed meeting rules suggested by the chairman, specifically the notion that board members could not use the meeting to bring up or discussion anything except the DuPont report.

You can read their comments on the proposal here, but for example, former board Chairman John Bresland called the meeting rules proposal “a heavy handed attempt by the Chairman to deny the other four board members the right to speak their mind on issues of concern to them.”