Sustained Outrage

Beer-sale comments at WVU released

West Virginia University on Monday released the 326 comments it has received concerning a proposed policy change that would allow beer sales at football games and other athletic events.

Many people who commented are adamantly opposed to alcohol consumption at Milan Puskar Stadium at Mountaineer Field. Ed Dicken simply wrote “NO!” in large type. His was among one of the first comments that WVU received between April 8 and May 13.

“Enough money is being made off football games without throwing alcohol into the equation,” wrote Mike Snyder of Harman.

Other fans say it would further a negative image of WVU as a “party school” and make Mountaineer Field even less family-friendly.

“If beer is sold at at WVU football games, I will never attend a game again,” wrote Donna Hughes of Cross Lanes. “That’s a shame since I’ve been a season ticket holder since 1980. I’m already sick of the drunks and don’t care to go where there’s more of them.”

Larry Belcher, who identified himself as a football season ticketholder, supports the proposal but suggests that the university support local or “craft” beers.

By allowing sales of Morgantown Brewing Company products and other beers brewed in the state, it would serve as a good “P.R. move” that “encourages appreciation of beer, rather than binging,” he wrote.

Belcher is not likely to pay to drink a mass-consumed beer like Budweiser or Miller, he wrote.