Sustained Outrage

More information on the State Police lawsuit

As discussed in today’s story, The Charleston Gazette filed a lawsuit against the West Virginia State Police for reports produced by the department’s professional standards section on Wednesday.

This all started in May as an attempt to get a better understanding of how the State Police handle accusations against them.

And here’s a copy of the lawsuit filed yesterday.

The information the State Police released in this report says that 13 troopers were dismissed in 2009 based on sustained allegations, up from three the previous year. An additional 19 resigned prior to discipline. There were a total of 112 incidents where action was taken in 2009, according to the report.

The number of total complaints for the department has gone down, from 257 in 2007 to 165 in 2009. Of the 226 allegations contained in those complaints, about 50 percent were sustained and 24 percent were not sustained. Only 6 percent were exonerated.

But while the released statistics show the total number of complaints to be going down, the serious allegations of abuse keep coming.

Last month, the FBI confirmed they started an investigation into the Young Brothers.

These three stories from July do a good job of telling the other recent accusations:

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