Sustained Outrage

West Virginia has taken some positive steps toward better policies to encourage energy efficiency, but is still near the bottom of the national rankings, according to a scorecard issued this morning.

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy ranked West Virginia 43 among the states on its scorecard, which considers state energy efficiency budgets, adoption or active consideration of energy efficiency standards, fixed efficiency savings targets, and other issues, such as adoption of energy-saving building codes.

Regarding West Virginia, the organization said:

West Virginia utilities do not currently have any customer energy efficiency programs in place, although some are pending. Recent progress has been made for energy efficiency and demand-side management programs as a result of a 2008 decision by the Public Service Commission. The Green Buildings Act and a bill to create an Energy Efficient Buildings Program failed in January 2010 (S 184; H 4008).

On positive step not mentioned in the report is a recent W.Va. PSC decision regarding energy efficiency programs at Appalachian Power, which the Gazette’s Eric Eyre previously covered in this story.

West Virginia did move up slightly, from its 45th-place ranking in the 2009 scorecard.