Sustained Outrage

What’s going on with Marshall’s crime logs?

The Gazette’s Zac Taylor first reported yesterday about a gang rape reported to have happened early last month’s on Marshall University‘s campus.

After the story came out, Marshall officials suddenly issued a statement saying that their investigation of the incident was completed, and that they not only didn’t have enough information to file charges — but weren’t even convinced the incident really happened.

But today, the plot thickened even more, with this story in The Parthenon student newspaper, reporting that Marshall officials have been keeping two crime logs, one that included the alleged sexual assault and one that didn’t:

The Parthenon had asked to review the campus crime log for September 2010 earlier Thursday. No sexual assault report was included in the log The Parthenon was given. The Parthenon asks for and reviews the crime log on a weekly basis, and no such report was found at any time.

The Parthenon had been unable to obtain any information on the allegations, despite a story published by the Charleston Gazette on Thursday that a report of sexual assault was obtained from the Marshall University Police Department’s crime log. A Parthenon reporter who asked to review the crime log on multiple occasions during the semester was not given the Clery Act binder.