PFOA linked to ADHD and hormone disruption in kids

November 3, 2009 by Ken Ward Jr.

On the heels on yesterday’s major new study about the possible connection between the toxic chemical C8 and increased cholesterol levels, this morning I learned of two more studies that link C8 to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and to hormone disruption in kids.

I don’t believe either study has been “published” yet in a peer-reviewed journal, but both papers were presented in late August at the annual meeting of the International Society of Environmental Epidemiology in Dublin, Ireland.

This paper, by Kate Hoffman and others at the Boston University School of Public Health,  found an increased risk of ADHD in kids who had more PFOA in their blood. This study used blood sample data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which collects the data from the general U.S. population.

And this one, by Susan M. Pinney of the University of Cincinnati and others, found a relationship between PFOA and breast growth in girls and young women, an indication that PFOA “acts as an endocrine disruptor.”  This study used data from the NIH Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Centers.

One Response to “PFOA linked to ADHD and hormone disruption in kids”

  1. funfun says:

    These two additional studies involving children and the potential dangers of PFOA make the callous conduct of DuPont’s truculent and secretive Management even more egregious. Have the heavily PFOA-contaminated people of West Virginia and Ohio living around DuPont’s Teflon factory near Parkersburg ever gotten an apology or acceptance of responsibility from DuPont for creating health concerns and fears, not to mention inconvenience, by polluting their drinking water supplies with this vile toxic Teflon chemical?!

    Ever hear a DuPont executive offer accountability or an apology in a speech? Media interview? Letter to the local newspaper?

    In the meantime, unsuspecting little kids within the City of Parkersburg continue to put this noxious, bio-accumulating industrial chemical in their growing bodies, sip by sip, from home taps flowing with PFOA-laced City water!


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