Sustained Outrage

How green are the proposed Putnam schools?

In response to last week’s update about Putnam County’s proposed school bond, a  Gazette reader asked whether construction of four new schools would include environmentally friendly designs?

We contacted the architect for the proposed schools, George Williamson, president of Williamson and ShriverArchitects Inc. in Charleston.

Williamson said preliminary designs for the new schools incorporate energy conservation aspects as specified in state code. The aspects include motion sensors for lighting in the building that turn off if a room is vacant for a specified period of time, and energy efficient cooling and heating systems.

He said preliminary designs so far include just a basic layout of the buildings, but if the bond is approved, the architectural designs for the building will incorporate natural lighting sources.

“On energy saving and cost prevent measures, it absolutely makes sense,” Williamson said.

usgbc.jpgThere is also a chance that the state School Building Authority will chose one of the Putnam County schools for its initiative to build one “green school” that is certified as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a standard set by the U.S. Green Building Council.

One LEED certified school is already under construction in Berkeley County.