Sustained Outrage

Charleston City Council meets Monday evening, June 1, to consider another two weeks’ worth of city business.

But for a better glimpse behind the scenes, come to the meeting of council’s Finance Committee immediately beforehand. Most of the items on the agenda for City Council are money-related, and will be taken up first by Finance. Typically, any debate on these issues will take place at the Finance meeting, not City Council.

The Finance meeting will actually begin with a brief meeting of council’s Parking Committee — the same folks meeting under a different name to consider issues related to the city parking system.

The meeting agenda has seven formal items, or resolutions, to be voted upon and sent along to City Council. One item of note is (a), the parking system budget for the next year, which may include the second phase of expensive renovations to city parking garages.

Item (b), an amendment to the general budget, could be a trivial matter or involve hundreds of thousands of dollars. You just don’t know till you get there.

Later, acting Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Patty Pitrolo will discuss summer events, and someone, probably City Manager David Molgaard, will lead a discussion of Other Post Employment Benefits — an accounting change that is bugging cities everywhere.

The council meeting starts at 7 p.m. in council chambers, in the back corner of the third floor of City Hall. Finance starts at 6:15 p.m. in the adjacent AV conference room.

Both are public meetings but public participation is limited. You can address City Council for up to five minutes, but only if you sign up beforehand at the clerk’s desk in the front of the room. Public participation at Finance is up to Chairman Bobby Reishman.