Sustained Outrage

Your city government in action, pt. 6

Charleston City Council’s Committee on Parks & Recreation will hold one of its occasional meetings on Monday.

As its name suggests, this group considers issues related to the city’s parks and recreational  facilities — managed by a department headed by John Charnock.

The agenda for Monday lists just two items. The second, related to a lease for the East End Community Resource Center, might be interesting judging by a discussion at a recent meeting of council’s Finance Committee.

From what I could tell, though no one would say so directly, it seems some city administrators and council members have a hard time dealing with this non-profit agency, which runs programs in the old Roosevelt school in the East End.

The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. in the City Service Center Conference Room, first floor of the city parking garage building at the corner of Quarrier and McFarland streets. As usual, the meeting is open to the public.