Sustained Outrage

Your city government in action, pt.5

Yet another quasi-city agency, the Charleston Sanitary Board, also plans to meet Thursday.

I say quasi-city because, as its manager Larry Roller often points out, the sanitary board independent of city government, although Mayor Danny Jones is the board chairman. The group runs the sewage treatment plant in North Charleston, along with the sewage collection system, paid for by the monthly sanitary fee residents and business owners pay.

I can’t tell you a whole lot about what they plan to do, as outlined on the agenda, because I’ve never attended one of their meetings.

I do know they have millions and millions of dollars of projects ahead of them — rebuilding the sewer system and trying to separate storm and sanitary sewers to prevent sewage from flowing into rivers during storms (a problem known as combined sewer overflow). These projects are expected to be discussed under old business.

If you’re curious, feel free to stop by. The 9 a.m. meeting will be held in the Mayor’s Conference Room on the second floor of City Hall.