Sustained Outrage

Your city government in action, pt.4

Charleston’s zoning board (officially known as the Board of Zoning Appeals) meets at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, as they do twice each month — assuming there is business at hand.

There is just one item this time, according to the agenda.  A property owner in Kanawha City is requesting two setback variances in order to build an addition to his home at 5511 Virginia Ave.

Setback requirements set the minimum distance between a building and a property line — in front, in back, and on the sides — and they’re different depending on how the property is zoned.

This owner wants a 15-foot rear setback variance and a four-foot side variance. I believe the property is zoned R-4, which requires a minimum 25-foot rear setback and 5 feet on the sides. So in this case, I think the owner wants to build up to 10 feet of the rear property line and one foot of the side border.

(I haven’t checked the file in the city Planning Office to be sure on this. But anyone is free to do so. Just go to the office, in the City Service Center on the first floor of the city parking garage building at the corner of Quarrier and McFarland streets, and ask.)

The 8:30 meeting is held in the conference room at the same location, and the public is welcome to attend and comment on this case. You’ll be invited to speak either for or against the request.

And if you’re curious, you can read up on the city’s zoning rules here and see the zoning map here.