Sustained Outrage

Your city government in action, pt.3

This should actually be part 4 or 5, as I did not post advance agendas of Monday’s City Council and Finance Committee meetings as planned. Normally these agendas appear on the city’s Web site at least four days in advance, but I couldn’t find them until sometime Monday afternoon. The woman who works in the City Clerk’s office who puts these online assured me she did so last Thursday as usual, so maybe the cyber gremlins were at work.

At any rate, council’s Committee on Public Safety has scheduled what its chairman says will be a brief meeting at 5:30 p.m. Thursday. It’s in the Mayor’s Conference Room, on the second floor of City Hall right beside, as you might guess, Mayor Danny Jones‘ office.

I’ve never attended one of their meetings, so I can’t say exactly what they do except to consider bills and other matters related to safety, and then send bills on to full council for approval. There’s just one item on the agenda Thursday, related to a pedestrian walkway under Interstate 64/77 at Piedmont Road near Laidley Field.

I’m told the walkway, built by the state to allow access to homes across the Interstate, is little used these days and a safety hazard. Some folks want to ask the state to close it.

If you care, now’s the time to speak up.