Sustained Outrage

Your city government in action, part 2

Charleston City Council’s Streets and Traffic Committee will hold one of its occasional meetings at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday. As its name indicates, this group handles issues related to the city’s street system. It considers bills that are commonly introduced by ward council members, often at the urging of neighborhood residents, and then sends them on to full council for final approval.

Typical bills change the speed limit or set parking rules on individual streets.

In the broad scheme of things, these bills are probably not of great interest, which is why the committee doesn’t get a lot of publicity. But if a bill proposes a change on your street, you might be very interested.

According to the agenda, the committee will consider four bills on Wednesday. If you’d like to listen in, or express your opinion, come to the meeting. It’s in the AV (audio-visual) room on the third floor of City Hall.