Sustained Outrage

Putnam County budget

Putnam County Commissioners approved their 2009-10 budget last week. In the budget, only one county office received a pay raise – the assessors office.

Employees will receive about a 5 percent raise.The raise was only possible because of the elimination of two positions in the office. Sherry L. Hayes eliminated her former position in the office after she was elected assessor in last year’s election. Another position was eliminated prior to Hayes taking office.

Even with employee raises, the office’s budget request was about $14,000 less than last year.

The total county budget is $16.9 million, compared with $16.1 million for last year.

Here are some of the expenditures approved:

— The Sheriff’s Department asked for $2,606,060, an increase of about $100,000 from last year. Most is to hire two more deputies and to provide medical checkups for members of the department who process meth labs. Sheriff Mark Smith also requested about $66,200 for processing, about $177,100 for home confinement and about $537,000 for the tax office.

— Parks and Recreation requested $445,570 and 50 percent of money from the county hotel-motel tax. Last year, the parks service asked for $396,500. Much of the increase is to replace two park vehicles.

— The Health Department requested $118,000, down from $155,000 last year.

— The Assessors Office requested $422,784, down about $14,000 from last year.

— Development Authority requested $196,100 up from last year’s budget of $185,000. The authority’s total budget this year is $266,686 but plans to receive the remaining funding from grants.

— Day Reporting asked for $25,00 from the commission. Day Reports total budget proposal for Putnam and Mason County is $574,570. The program, which treats nonviolent offenders, plans to secure the remaining funding from grants and the Mason County Commission.

— County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office requested $853,000 this year, a $1,000 increase from last year’s budget request of $852,000.

— County Clerks Office submitted a request for $584,704, a $40,885 decrease from last year’s budget of $624,885. The county clerk’s election budget requested $188,532, a $7,869 increase from last year’s election budget of $180,663.

— County Circuit Clerks Office requested a budget of $491,685, an increase of about $17,000 to accommodate an increase in insurance rates, the purchase of a new copy machine and a new filing system.