Sustained Outrage

Martin R. Bowling conviction: No hoax

mbowling2.JPGCross Lanes computer exec Martin R. Bowling was an expert at creating “buzz” and promoting people — including himself — on the Internet.

So when news broke earlier this week that Bowling, chief technical officer at Comar Inc. and Vec3,  had been sentenced to three years in state prison on computer fraud charges, many people who knew Bowling just figured it was part of some elaborate hoax he concocted.

Bowling’s supporters called and e-mailed the Gazette yesterday, questioning — and insisting, in some cases — that the Bowling story was a hoax.

Well, we’re here to tell — and show — you this wasn’t a hoax. Here are the documents filed in Bowling’s criminal case file in Kanawha County Circuit Court (thanks to Gazette reporter Ken Ward Jr. for scanning and uploading them.)

And here’s a sampling of messages posted about Bowling yesterday on, a social networking service. Bowling had more than 1,300 followers on Twitter before his downfall.   (And no, Bowling doesn’t work at the Gazette).

Hearing all the @martinbowling rumors. Scammer? Jail? Wow. Just
wow. Is this twitterbait or something? Seems unreal

Re: @martinbowling – I’m still not going to believe it. I love that
dude and he’s crafty and well connected. I’m not sold.

@martinbowling, anyone else wondering when @lyndoman got a
staff job with the Charleston Gazette?

@martinbowling – this is a hoax… right? please say it’s a big
elaborate joax?

The whole @martinbowling thing has thrown me for a loop. He’s
always been a good friend & supporter, just can’t get my head round it

WTF happened to @martinbowling? That’s either the best early April
Fools Prank I’ve ever seen or some bad hoodoo!

I figured it out about Martin Bowling – just can’t decide if it’s a
hoax or not . . . damn SEO’s and their link bait!

sure does — if someone will tweet this is an elaborate hoax, makes
MUCH more sense

Ok, so I’m still somewhat skeptical that this whole thing isn’t a
hoax but this has to be the definition of irony right?