Sustained Outrage

Show us the money, part 2

ridpath.jpegMarshall University agreed to pay a cash settlement of $200,000 to David Ridpath, the university’s former NCAA compliance director.

Last week, I wrote a post about how the terms of the settlement between Marshall and Ridpath had not yet been shared with the public. Which was mildly surprising given that more than a month had passed since U.S. District Judge Robert C. Chambers gave both sides 30 days to submit an agreed dismissal order.

This afternoon, Marshall spokesman Bill Bissett e-mailed me the amount. In addition, the university agreed to write a letter to the NCAA stating that Ridpath was not responsible for major violations within the athletic department, as my colleague Doug Smock detailed in February.

Former football coach Bob Pruett and several other university officials were named in Ridpath’s suit, which sought $1 million in damages.

Just as a refresher, the 1986 case Daily Gazette Co. v. Withrow requires public bodies to share with taxpayers when their money is spent on court settlements:

“A public official has a common law duty to create and maintain, for public inspection and copying, a record of the terms of settlement of litigation brought against the public official or his or her employee(s) in their official capacity.”