Sustained Outrage

A friend of coal?

green_mike.jpgI blogged last week over at Coal Tattoo about new legislation introduced to give West Virginia coal companies more time — again — to comply with water quality limits for toxic selenium pollution. See Stalling on selenium — again.

I noted that Sen. Mike Green, D-Raleigh, the chairman of the Senate’s Energy, Industry and Mining Committee (a panel that handles all legislation affecting the coal industry) listed himself as a “Friend of Coal” in his official biography.

Today, I did a quick check just to see how friendly Sen. Green is with the coal industry, and found a few campaign contributions from the major industry his committee is supposed to oversee.

Among them:

— $500 from Randy Hansford of Riverton Coal

— $500 each from political action committees associated with Norfolk-Southern and CSX.

— $500 from coal operator Andrew Jordan.

— $800 from West Virginians for Coal.

— $250 from Arch Coal’s PAC.

— $800 from AEP.

If I have time, it would be interesting to see how much campaign cash the coal industry has donated to all of this bill’s sponsors, or to all members of the EIM committee.

For any readers who are interested, the Secretary of State’s office posts these campaign cash reports online here.