Throwback Thursday – 1970 Charleston High vs. Clarksburg Victory

Last week we dug up some old Stonewall Jackson highlights, so this week it’s Charleston High’s turn. This game capped the Mountain Lions’ third consecutive state title (more on that below). It doesn’t say anywhere on the video information where the game is being played, but it looks kinda like Stadium Field and ex-Parkersburg Guy Nick Scala tells me it’s Stadium Field. Presented in two parts from YouTube. (The featured image on this post is from the 1968 CHS team)



The “more info” from the YouTube video is pretty cool.

1970 WV AAA State Championship Charleston High School vs Clarksburg Victory High 2nd half November 14, 1970

Coach Frank Vincent was worried on Saturday morning, November 14 1970. Why? That was the day CHS could make history in WV by winning the State Championship for three straight years in a row, and it had rained the night before and was drizzling on the morning of the playoffs.

He went back to the hotel and asked Rick Hurt if they were ready to run in the mud. Ricky said, “Coach, I’ll guarantee you one thing — I don’t care if there’s mud, sleet or snow. We’re going win it!”

Vincent continued to worry until about 30 minutes before the game. “I could tell in the dressing room they were ready to play”

He told them they would have to strike quick and they did. On the second play Mike Tyson broke loose for 64-yard touchdown run. Two more touchdowns by Chuck Green and Rex Repass gave the Lions a 20-0 lead with 5:19 left to play in the first quarter.

The Mt. Lions kept pushing throughout the rest of the game to come out on top with the score 32-7. With Victory scoring, it was a first time in the three years a team had scored in the championship playoff against the Charleston High Mt. Lions. We finished the season with a 10-0-1 record. It was the last game for 12 guys’ who had played in the other championship games. For the seniors their record was 31-0-1.


That’s a pretty good run. I’ll see you out at University of Charleston Stadium this evening for Riverside at Capital.



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