About last night: GW-South Charleston edition

Let’s talk about last night.

South Charleston came from behind to knock off rival George Washington thanks in large part to an outstanding defensive effort and a long, late touchdown run by SC quarterback Trae Murphy.

For South Charleston, it was an escape act. The way that defense played, especially in the second half, they deserved to win. However, if I’m SC I’m worried about the offense. The Black Eagles fell into a pattern of “chuck it deep and hope our receivers can beat the defender and get to the ball” and it wasn’t working. That wasn’t by design, as SC coach Donnie Mays told us after the game. A lot of that was getting to the line of scrimmage, seeing what GW was doing defensively and changing things up there. Still, if not for Murphy’s 74-yard dash down the sideline the Black Eagles are probably sitting at 0-1 today. Can’t praise the SC defense enough. D.Q. Watkins was all over the place, grabbing two interceptions (including one to seal the game late). If the offense can catch up to the defense, SC will be a tough out in Class AAA. That’s a big ‘if’ though.

If you’re GW today, you have to feel like you let that one slip thought your fingers. Watching from the sideline, it always felt like the Patriots were just a play or two away from busting the game open, they just couldn’t quite get over that hump. Quarterback Grant Wells, despite his three interceptions, played well. I’ve seen all the big-name QBs in the state play before, and I’m not ready to say Wells is the best but he throws a *beautiful* ball. Pretty passes don’t win games though unless someone on the other end can catch them, and that was a problem for GW on Thursday. There were drops in key spots — including one in the end zone in the final minute that would have put GW in the lead — and bobbled balls that turned into interceptions. The Patriots were shut out in the second half and outside of their final drive — the one that ended on a Watkins interception in SC territory with less than a minute to play — they could never really get much going.

This is always a weird game. Both of these teams rarely end up being who we thought they would be based off this game, but I think if nothing else last night gave us all some food for thought as South Charleston tries to keep its momentum going and GW attempts to bounce back from a tough loss.

Spare thoughts:

  • Upon further review, GW’s helmets are doing too much and the gray numbers on their white uniforms are really hard to read. File this one under “Get off my lawn” – I’m not a fan.
  • SC had a DJ on the track getting the student section pumped up before the game. The kids seemed to LOVE it, so expect to see more of that at SC games this season.
  • It’s 3:13 p.m. on Friday and I’m still not sure which game I’m going to this evening. I’ve narrowed it down to Chapmanville at Sissonville or Woodrow Wilson at Riverside.

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