THROWBACK THURSDAY – Your boy went digging around in the photo archive

Sorry we’ve been kind of quiet around here this week. That could happen now and again over these next few weeks as we squeeze every last second out of summer before fall sports take over our lives in the sports department. Fear not, however. I didn’t forget about you guys.

I took a trip to the Charleston Newspapers library this evening looking for some good Throwback Thursday material. Sports stuff is hard to track down in there! For example: our Randy Moss folder isn’t where it should be, there doesn’t appear to be a J.R. House folder to be found and all of the Jerry West stuff is from his days as a Los Angeles Laker (with maybe one or two WVU-era Logo shots in there).

So I came up with zilch on that front, but all was not lost. The current Gazette-Mail sports department is located (conveniently for me) in the old Daily Mail sports department. As some of you might know, I came from the Daily Mail side prior to the merger. We have a BIG file cabinet back here full of (somewhat organized) old photos, magazines, programs and more.


The first thing I found was this and holy cow is this ever a winner.

Tom Bragg photo
Wow. From left we have Randy Moss, Eric Carpenter, Jason Williams, Carlton King, Trinity Crank and Anthony Scruggs.


It’s the warmups but both sides have a good argument.

I found *a lot* of good stuff, like the featured photo at the top of this post of the 1965 Charleston High football letter winners, in that cabinet and I will slowly roll out some of it in the coming days, weeks and months. If I work on these posts at night, which will often be the case, it is more than likely I’ll just be snapping photos of old photos with my phone as opposed to scanning the images into a computer. Deal with it. (JK – enjoy!)

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