The Varsity Show – Episode 1

I have arranged, recorded, edited and hosted our Prep Football Podcast for the last four high school football seasons — more than 50 shows, most of them at least an hour in length. That ends today.

Kind of.

The Varsity Show is the spiritual successor the PFP and it doesn’t lock us in to just discussing football. Our first episode, however, is just about football.

This one is short and sweet. I recorded interviews with Riverside coach Zach Davis and Winfield coach Craig Snyder during a break at Thursday’s 7-on-7 tournament at West Virginia State with both included here.

We’ll be back in the near future with our usual cast of co-hosts and less “Tom holds the microphone too close to his mouth.”

For now, The Varsity Show is available only through Soundcloud but I’m working behind the scenes to make it more widely available. Enjoy!

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