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Mitch Vingle … no longer extreme

For years now, I’ve shared Associated Press top 25 voting responsibilities with Gazette-Mail sports columnist Mitch Vingle (Give him a follow on Twitter: @MitchVingle). One year, he’d do football and I’d do hoops. The next year we’d flip roles.

In 2015, Vingle drew duties as the college football top 25 voter, and we, the Gazette-Mail, hold the only vote in the state of West Virginia. In the preseason poll, Vingle was labeled the “Most Extreme Voter,” according to The past two weeks, however, Vingle isn’t drawing that same ire. He’s just regular ol’ Vingle.

In Vingle’s latest ballot, which was cast Sunday morning and published in Monday’s Gazette-Mail, he has six rankings that are considered “extreme” by He has LSU No. 5, which is the highest in the country and eight spots higher than LSU’s actual ranking. He has Ole Miss at No. 8, nine spots higher than actual. He has TCU at No. 9, which is tied for the lowest in the country among the 61 voters. Georgia is 13th on Vingle’s ballot, six spots lower than actual. Florida State is 14th, five spots lower than actual. And Clemson is 16th, six spots lower than actual.

Here is Vingle’s full top 25 poll:

1. Ohio State
2. Alabama
3. USC
4. Baylor
5. LSU
6. Michigan State
7. Notre Dame
8. Ole Miss
9. TCU
10. UCLA
11. Oklahoma
12. Oregon
13. Georgia
14. Florida State
15. Georgia Tech
16. Clemson
17. Texas A&M
18. Arizona
19. Auburn
20. Utah
21. Missouri
22. BYU
23. West Virginia
24. Northwestern
25. Wisconsin

An introduction


That’s me in the middle. Well, that’s me about 30 pounds ago. The smile, however, is the same.

As the sports editor of the Charleston Gazette-Mail, I get to be the creative voice behind the sports department. I wear lots of hats: planning, organizing, editing, writing, etc. It never ends. But I get to wake up and do what I love every day, and somehow I’ve convinced the bean counters here at the Gazette-Mail to send me a check every so often in exchange. It’s a sweetheart deal, I tell you.

They’ve also, perhaps irresponsibly, given me this blog space. This is the start of our journey through sports together. The Mountain State has a splendid blend of offerings as far as that’s concerned: WVU, Marshall, the Mountain East Conference, preps, the West Virginia Power, Greenbrier Classic and more. We’re there for all of it.

This space will act as a catch-all for local sports. The Gazette-Mail sports department has 11 staff members, including myself. We have talented writers and page designers; we have people who have a knack for videos and podcasts and chats; we have people who specialize in gussying up the website each day; we have sportswriters who hold votes in the Associated Press poll and for the Heisman. I don’t want you to miss any of it, so I’m going to put flashing neon bulbs around their work and make certain you see it.

Go ahead and bookmark this page. DO IT. Check back often, comment often. Send me story ideas and tips ( or I’m listening.

Remember, sports are about the games and games are meant to be fun. That’s what we should do here.