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March Sadness, not-so-Sweet Sixteen


My bracket is like yours: busted.

My South Region final is OK, but that’s it.

Baylor, one of my Elite 8 teams, is gone. WVU, one of my Final Four teams, is gone. Utah, one of my Elite 8 teams, has vanished from the bracket.

I do, however, still have my national champion — Virginia. And the team I have losing to Virginia is Oklahoma, which is still alive.

But overall, man did I whiff here.

I called for chaos — and it came. Never before had there been 10 double-digit teams win on the first two days, so I was right about the madness that was sure to ensue.

I just missed on where it’d come from.

Like, for instance, I picked UNCW over Duke. I did not pick Yale over Baylor or Little Rock over Purdue. Obviously, I did not have WVU losing to SFA, although I tried to warn of the possibility. I had Michigan State ranked lower than any AP voter for weeks, but never did I think the Spartans would fall to C-USA’s champion.

So here is where my bracket stands:

South Region: Kansas vs. Miami after the Sweet Sixteen. That’s what it still could be, and it’d be a doozie. I think I’d gamble with Miami if I had to do it over again, but I have Kansas winning on my bracket. I also thought Villanova would be gone by now, so the Wildcats will probably be in the Final Four, instead.

West Region: Oregon vs. Oklahoma. I had Baylor taking out the Ducks. Should’ve given the Pac-12 regular season and tournament champs a little more credit. Or maybe I should’ve just recognized the Bears’ stretch run. Pro tip: the stretch run matters. When you make your bracket selections, check how a team has fared over the last two or three weeks. If one would look at Baylor, they’d see a team that, with losses in the Big 12 tournament and NCAA tournament, finished 5-8 in the last 13 games. That’s from the start on February. Pay attention, Chuckles.

East Region: I really thought WVU had a favorable draw here … except for SFA. That was dangerous, as the Mountaineers couldn’t get SFA out of its comfort zone because they play a similar style. But that’s not the only thing that derailed this region. I had Providence over UNC in the second round. Wrong. Pitt over Wisconsin. Wrong. Xavier over Pitt. Wrong. UK over Indiana. Wrong. UK over Providence. Wrong. WVU over Xavier. Wrong. UK vs. WVU in the Elite 8 — not happening. Tear this region up.

Midwest Region: So I thought my Virginia vs. Utah regional final could happen … and then my beloved Zags happened. Can’t be even mad about this one. Virginia vs. Iowa State is going to be an all-time matchup in my book … and I can’t wait to see Few vs. Boeheim for a regional final spot.

So, how’d you do?