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Preseason AP top 25 poll time!


The Associated Press will release its annual preseason top 25 men’s basketball poll at 1:30 p.m. I am one of 65 voters (the only representative in West Virginia). I last held the hoops vote in 2013, as myself and fellow Gazette-Mail sports staffer Mitch Vingle rotate between football and basketball each season.

Below you’ll find my preseason poll. I agonized over it. I’m sure I’ll get ridiculed for certain parts, especially my ranking of Kentucky and Duke. I urge patience. I prefer to rank and evaluate on actual performance, not paper, so anticipate wild adjustments in my poll once the games begin.

That said, I love discussion and debate, and all of your thoughts are welcome here.

Happy hooping …

Chuck McGill’s preseason top 25 poll, as submitted to the Associated Press:

1) North Carolina
2) Virginia
3) Maryland
4) Gonzaga
5) Kansas
6) Iowa State
7) Kentucky
8) Wichita State
9) Villanova
10) Oklahoma
11) Indiana
12) Duke
13) California
14) Notre Dame
15) Vanderbilt
16) Arizona
17) Michigan State
18) Butler
19) WVU
20) UConn
21) Providence
22) Utah
23) Baylor
24) Wisconsin
25) Boise State