Sports with Chuck McGill Dedicated to the stats and the silly in sports prep football podcast — Week 7

Week 7? Seriously? Didn’t we just get back from our summer vacations and start mulling story ideas for the 2015 preseason? Aren’t we still in two-a-days?


This season is motoring by, but it’s been a more enjoyable one because of what my fellas are doing with the video version of our prep football podcast. The podcast itself is in Year 3, but this year the Gazette-Mail negotiated a sweet deal with Adelphia Sports Bar & Grille in downtown Charleston to record the podcast inside their restaurant. It’s great for us because, you know, THE WINGS. The delicious, delicious wings. But we also like to get out and about and mingle with the people, so if you’re ever interested in attending one of these recordings, come by Adelphia on Wednesday afternoons (2ish) and become our audience. Gameday-style signs are welcome.

This week’s podcast features Tom Bragg, who runs our prep football website, assistant sports editor Derek Taylor and preps sportswriter Rick Ryan. They drop a lot of knowledge. Fire up the video and watch and/or listen.

It’s Friday night football eve, folks. Somehow, for the seventh time this season.