Camelot comes crashing down — Episode 3 Recap

This blog contains spoilers from “Once Upon A Time,” episode 3 of Season 5, Siege Perilous:

So much happens this week in Storybrooke and Camelot. A quick recap of some major events:

While the Dark Swan searches for a way to free Excalibur from its stone, Emma Swan’s loved ones continue their quest to save the Savior from herself. They struggle to recover their memories from Camelot and find Merlin.

Since dark magic has so far been able to release the legendary sword, The Dark One steals Happy’s axe since Dwarf axes can usually cut through anything. But since Dark Emma isn’t worthy to free the sword, the axe proves useless.

Meanwhile, in a flashback to Camelot, the group discovers that a magical toadstool will allow them to speak to Merlin, who in that realm is encased in a tree. King Arthur volunteers to accompany Charming on the journey to retrieve the mushroom. Only one person is able to cross the bridge leading to the toadstool, so Charming hurriedly makes his way over the water and retrieves the toadstool. On the way back, however, he is attacked by phantom knights and drug beneath the surface. Arthur pulls him up, but the toadstool is (seemingly) lost.

Emma leaves Hook a note to meet her on the Jolly Roger. After years of hunting a Dark One, he knows Dark Emma wants something. When she tries to reassure him, he tells her that he “loved” her. He loved Emma Swan, not the Dark One. He keeps pressing her as to what’s behind the locked door in her house (Excalibur), but she disappears in a cloud.

After their harrowing journey, Arthur rewards Charming with the Siege Perilous, a chair reserved for the knight with the purest heart. It was formerly occupied by Lancelot. When Snow leaves the hall, she is surprised to see Lancelot, who tells her Camelot is “not what is seems” and that the Dark One isn’t the only villain. We soon see what he means when Arthur unwraps the toadstool Charming thought was lost in the water and we learn that he set up the robbery of the chest of magical items in the present day. When Arthur’s squire is arrested for the robbery, Arthur convinces him to commit suicide as a “service to Camelot.”

Toward the end of the episode, Belle visits Granny’s Diner, toting the Enchanted Rose, whose petals suddenly reattach, signifying Rumpelstiltskin has awakened. The real reason Dark Swan met Hook on the Jolly Roger was to get her hands on his sword, an object that came in contact with Rumpel before he became the Dark One. Dark Emma uses the sword in a spell to wake Rumpel up since she knows he’s now a “blank slate” and might be the one to pull the sword from the stone.

So much has already happened in season 5 and it’s been interesting to see different sides of the characters we’ve come to know. Jennifer Morrison is doing a fantastic job as the Dark Swan and I’m loving Regina as  she works to save Emma. Next week, we’ll see her, Hook and Robin Hood on a quest together. “Once Upon A Time” airs at 8 p.m. Sunday on ABC.



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