Lady Gaga’s West Virginia roots

lady-gaga-1-600I’ve heard for some time now that Lady Gaga’s grandmother is from West Virginia. And at a recent concert in Pittsburgh, she confirmed it.

In the introduction to her hit song “Born This Way,” Gaga gave a shout-out to her mother’s mother.

My grandma’s here tonight. My grandmother was there with me for one of the hardest times in my life, and she’s been there for every other hard time since that one.

We have been through a lot together because my grandmother’s from West Virgin-i-a. She always told me not to give up. She always told me to be myself.

I would say ‘Grandma this business is so hard, nobody understands me, grandma. ‘She’d say ‘Oh honey, they will.’ I love you, grandma.

Watch the video here:

It reminds me of another tribute to a West Virginia grandmother…



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