Today I got stuck in the Internet

gmailSometimes the cold, impersonal nature of the Internet can make the world feel like a cold, impersonal place. But sometimes, a giant group of strangers get sucked into a bizarre email chain and have to make the best of it.

That’s what happened Monday when my inbox started filling up with messages from strange people. Editors get lots of emails from strange people, though, so I initially ignored it. But then they kept coming.

It started simply enough (I’m omitting email addresses to protect the innocent):

Are you trying to unsubscribe from one of the Extension Media publications? Pls use the unsubscribe listed with each eletter. — JB

Which spurred a wave of responses…all delivered, through the magic of the “Reply All” button, to my inbox.

Not sure I am apart of this email…. Not sure what is going on.

same here please remove me

Same. I don’t think this is all relevant to me, so please remove me from this email chain.

This is going to be one of those days, isn’t it?

People started getting angry.

BREAKING: Man on internet doesn’t understand what “Reply All” means.


Andrew Martins

But then they started getting friendly.

While we are all here, why not have an email party?

Cameron Teague
PlayStation LifeStyle

Really friendly.

I love you all please don’t stop posting messages in this thread this is the closest thing to human contact I will have today

This being the Internet, the crazies had to appear at some point.

Let me take this opportunity to alert you to the fact that Nazis from the hollow earth have been released by the lizard men and Bilderburgers. Avoid exposure to chemtrails if you want to keep from being brainwashed to this new world order!

Some people failed to see the humor in the situation.

blocking every single email address in this message. this is beyond ridiculous and highly unprofessional.

Then came this response from the Sandboxr people:

Hi guys,

So sorry for this inconvenience, not quite sure how it came about. Please ignore this entire thread so as not to inundate everyone with emails.
Sandboxr Marketing

But that didn’t stop the fun.

I suppose you’re all wondering why I’ve called this meeting. Well, I’m wondering too. All I know is that I hope it never ever ends.

And it KEEPS GOING.  The conversation has now moved onto Twitter, where email chain victims are congregating under #replyallnightmare. Here’s a look at that:




6 Comments Today I got stuck in the Internet

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