Partial to this WV Observer

When all turns out well (hopefully) in a possible dystopian future, we’ll have a West Virginian to thank.

Of course, that is as it should be.

I’m talking about the Observer known as September from the series “Fringe.” He is portrayed by Michael Cerveris, who was raised in Huntington, Cabell County. He worked at the Keith-Albee Theatre as a young man, popping popcorn for patrons.

You might not  know what an Observer is but surely you know what a West Virginian is. They’re the good guys!

The Observers, however, are not the good guys. They are the bad guys. Specifically, they are bald guys without eyebrows and with grey suits and fedora hats. They are from the future. They are telepathic. They believe in a completely ordered society. They believe hot sauce is delicious.

For several seasons, they merely appeared at key points in the show’s timeline to watch, rarely choosing to take an active role. That’s why they were called Observers.

That changed this season. They have taken over the world, and it is no West Virginia. The world the Observers rule is neither wild nor wonderful.

It’s all coming to a head this month on “Fringe,” which is coming to an end after five years.

The good guys are fighting the Observers with the help of their own Observer ally, September, which is a code name.

In the episode before the holiday break, September was revealed to be — SPOILER ALERT — a guy named Donald, who was on the side of the Fringe guys except for the fact that they couldn’t actually remember him. (Can’t follow what I’m saying? Don’t worry. All you’ve got to do is watch 5 years of this show. It’s available for download or streaming.)

The takeaway point is that Cerveris’s character is crucial to saving the universe.

Cerveris’s character has been on the show from the beginning. That hasn’t kept him from lots of other activities, though. He has played a music manager on HBO’s “Treme” and performed on Broadway in a hit revival of “Evita.” Earlier this year, he was back in West Virginia with his band “Loose Cattle” on  Mountain Stage.

I wish Cerveris well and hope the future turns out all right. West Virginia — and the rest of society — are counting on him.

WV pepperoni rolls vs. Syracuse hats: Who will be the victor?

This is one of the more interesting political sports bet videos I have ever seen, although when I stop to think about it I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a political sports bet video before. I’ve just read about the wagers.

Nevertheless, this video featuring the mayors of Morgantown, WV, and Syracuse, NY, offers lots to think about for the Pinstripe Bowl featuring West Virginia University and Syracuse. Among them:

1. Why didn’t the West Virginia contingent insist that the Syracuse mayor wear the Mountaineer’s coonskin cap WITH AN ACTUAL RACCOON FACE ON IT?

2. Pepperoni rolls sure are delicious, aren’t they?

3. Will the Mountaineer really, EVER consent to wear a Syracuse Orange hat?

4. I have never seen a mayor fist bump OR blow it up thereafter.

5. Does Otto the Orange remember what happened to Obie last year at the Orange Bowl?

Watch and enjoy:

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Sharon Osborne suggests Joe Manchin should 'zip it' about Buckwild

Sharon Osborne — wife of Ozzy, cast member of MTV’s “The Osbornes” and current panelist on “The Talk” — went on CBS This Morning and gave Sen. Joe Manchin a little advice about reality TV.

“Zip it.”

Manchin has been blasting MTV’s ‘Buckwild,’ a new reality series filmed near Sissonville, WV.

Osborne suggested the attention is just fanning the flames for the controversial show, set to debut in early January.

Osborne also took a quick swipe at MTV’s “Teen Mom” series, which has featured West Virginian Leah Messer, saying that’s the show that started reality TV’s downward cultural spiral.