Wild about "Buckwild"

It’s happened. Today we got our first look at at “Buckwild,” that MTV show featuring a group of young people from Sissonville. It seems destined to replace “Jersey Shore” in MTV’s lineup.

It’s actually happening. Entertainment Weekly released a video preview today, saying that MTV is “hoping to hit pay dirt (mud?) several hundred miles southwest of New Jersey with Buckwild, a new reality series about nine young-adult friends in small-town West Virginia.”


Pearl S. Buck books are super-cheap this Cyber Monday

UPDATE (9:28 a.m., 10/27/12): Cheryl Caswell, our courts reporter and voracious reader, just informed me the prices went back up after Cyber Monday. Sorry if you missed the deal.


I was surfing around Amazon today — for work, I promise — and noticed that a bunch of Kindle books by West Virginia favorite daughter Pearl S. Buck are on sale today.

Her books “The Mother,” “Pavilion of Women” and “The Living Reed” are just $2.99.  “The Good Earth,” “Sons,” “A House Divided,” “Peony” and “Kinfolk” are even cheaper at $2.02.

Buck, of course, was born in Pocahontas County but spent most of her life living in and writing books about China. She won the Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for “The Good Earth,” and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938.

The Pearl S. Buck birthplace is located in Hillsboro, W.Va.  Click here for more information about that.


Disney/Lucasfilm deal exactly what nerds need

Admit it, fellow nerd.

You’re shocked — in a paralyzed, frozen-in-carbonite state — by the news of Disney acquiring Lucasfilm for $4 billion and planning to release new “Star Wars” films. You’ve taken your frustrations to Facebook or Twitter, and you’ve informed your friends that you are leaving this galaxy for one far, far away.

Though my first instinct is to call you a “whiny whittle baby” and move my fists furiously under my eyes in the always-hilarious pantomime of wiping tears, I will instead give you three reasons why this is not only a pretty good thing, but it actually has me squealing like a Gamorrean with one of those sweet axes in my hand.

1. Disney lets people do their own thing. I can not tell you the amount of nerdy nerdheads named something like “wolvieclaws92” cried huge ASCII tears over Disney purchasing our beloved Marvel Comics. But when “Avengers” hit theaters, you didn’t hear one blogger say, “Hey, that was awfully similar to the plot of a ‘Goof Troop’ episode.” There hasn’t been a hefty amount of lame crossovers or attempts to make Marvel’s comics all kid-friendly. Marvel is still the lovable, whimsical, absolutely evil machine it always has been. This will simply provide and secure the longevity the “Star Wars” franchise needs to eventually get it right again. There won’t be any Mickey appearances at the Jedi Council. At least, not in the final cuts.

2. “Star Wars” still has potential to spawn great films. And so does “Indiana Jones.” I’m going to get a little philosophical with this one. Why shouldn’t there be another “Star Wars” movie? The series is neither too complete nor too perfect to justify halting production of any more live-action films. In the ever-moving cycle of Hollywood duds and disappointments, how bad is it to see a universe we all love represented in cinema — even if the results are not what we had daydream-directed in our heads? There are young, intelligent filmmakers who can now set their sights on getting a “Star Wars” film right, and maybe the Grand Wookie Wizard himself, Mr. George Walton Lucas, won’t get in the way quite as much with his tendency to inspire stilted performances and occasional, crippling lameness.

3. Eventually, Marvel may make “Star Wars” comics again. Not anytime soon, but it is possible that Marvel will take over “Star Wars” comic books from Dark Horse Publishing in the future. Dark Horse has done a great job over the past couple decades, but it would be interesting for the franchise to return to Marvel, with its current crop of creators and potential release of gorgeous new editions of its classic ‘70s and ‘80s “Star Wars” series.