A very Nerdy fall TV preview

When I was a kid, we got this quaint periodical called “TV Guide.” And this treasure trove of popular culture information had an annual issue called “The Fall TV Preview.”

And every year I memorized it.

Early on, my attention was focused on mapping out a Saturday morning cartoon consumption strategy. Later, my focus was on more mature shows. You know, like “Growing Pains.”

So with that, we give you this modest Nerd TV preview of new fall shows we’re awaiting with great anticipation.

What was weird in putting this together was how many of the consumers of popular culture who normally put out this blog’s content have cut the cord on traditional television. Several people didn’t know what shows were on the fall horizon and wouldn’t have access to them anyway.

I don’t actually know what day or time most of my favorites are televised because my DVR magically captures their images.

Nevertheless, make your plans. And we’d be interested in your comments about what shows you are looking forward to checking out.


Nerd: Andy Smith

Show: Arrow — CW

Premiere date: Oct. 10

You’re not going to believe this, but there’s a live-action adaption of a popular comic book character on the horizon.

He doesn’t have a cape, bat ears, or star-spangled uniform. He has arrows.

No, not that guy you saw earlier this year — we’re talking about the Green Arrow. The superhero is coming to the CW on Oct. 10 in the form of “Arrow,” a television show starring Stephen Amell as a young, better-looking version of the Emerald Archer. The show will reportedly take a “no-powers” (or Christopher Nolan-esque) approach to superheroes, with the action mostly within the realm of reality.

And this won’t be the Green Arrow you know from “Smallville,” either. It’s a relaunch, and the previews imply a much darker take than the blonde-simpleton-who-wears-green-and-shoots-things formula. Slated appearances from other comic characters include the Huntress, Deadshot and Constantine Drakon (a moniker that admittedly sounds more like the pen name of a 13-year-old poet than effective villain).

Though we know that a show airing on the CW already implies a young adult target audience, we are still left with many questions. Will Oliver Queen get political like his comic counterpart? How far can they actually take the violence? Why did they cut of the “Green” part of his name for the show’s title?



Nerd: Derek Redd

Show: Last Resort – ABC

Premiere date: Sept. 27

Andre Braugher returns to our TV screens in a show that can be described best as this – angry Frank Pembleton leads the crew of a submarine armed with nuclear weapons wronged by the United States government.

That’s Frank Pembleton. And he’s angry. And leading a submarine crew. Armed with nuclear weapons.

And they’ve been wronged by the U.S. government.

How is this not a show you’d want to watch?


Nerd: Derek Redd (He couldn’t settle on just one show)

Show: Elementary – CBS

Premiere date: Sept. 27

This new retelling of Sherlock Holmes – with Johnny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Watson – probably won’t trump BBC’s version with Benedict Cumberbach as Holmes and Martin Campbell as Watson.

But there are few TV shows on any continent that could. Miller seems quite capable of pulling off the quirky role of Holmes, and Liu as Watson could bring a new dynamic to the relationship. I just hope they don’t go to the David-and-Maddie tension too early.


Nerd: Me (Brad McElhinny)

Show: Revolution – NBC

Premiere date: Sept. 17

Well, this could go dreadfully wrong. This time last year, I was excited about “Terra Nova,” which should have been about dinosaurs but instead was about bickering in prehistoric times.

So this apocalyptic scenario is about a power outage. Raise your hand if that’s too close to real life for you.

But the creators pique my interest, particularly J.J. Abrams, the guy behind “Alias” and, originally, “Lost,” that show about a plane crash on an island.

Seems like NBC has promoted this show pretty heavily. I’ll give it a go.

What shows are you all about?

Get a load of 'Jaws'

The Flashback series at Park Place Stadium Cinemas in Charleston is starting again.

The first flick is — duh-nuh, duh-nuh, duh-nuh — Jaws.

The 1975 Spielberg classic costs $5 at 4 p.m. on Sunday Sept. 9 and again at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Monday Sept. 10.

Thankfully, beach season has already ended for most of us.

More flashback films in the series include:

Sept. 16/17 Dr. Strangelove

Sept. 23/24 The Big Lebowski

Sept. 31/Oct. 1 This is Spinal Tap

Oct. 7/8 A Clock Work Orange

Oct. 14/15 Poltergeist

Oct. 21/22 Ghostbusters

October 28/29 Friday the 13th

Nov. 4/5 Vertigo



Oh, for a Laff-A-Lympics game you could play

Watching the Olympics in London got me to thinking wistfully: ‘Oh, how I wish there were a Laff-A-Lympics video game for our favorite gaming systems.

Present-day gamers already can choose, of course, between Summer and Winter Olympics games featuring rivals Mario and Sonic.

That pairing makes me wish ever so much more for a game with an original mash-up cast of Yogi, Scooby and Mumbly, who were partnered on Saturday morning television in the 1970s, the greatest decade of all time, on a comedic sporting competition show known as the “Laff-A-Lympics.”

Of course, I’m a purist as far as that goes, and I wish all Saturday morning cartoons were still based on great Hanna-Barbera lineups.

Players of the “Laff-A-Lympics” game for Wii, Xbox or PlayStation would, of course, get to choose from among three great lineups of characters.

The Yogi Yahooeys, led by the picnic basket borrowing Yogi Bear, tended to be walking, talking animals. The most powerful character in the lineup is, without a doubt, Grape Ape. Oh, how you could do some damage by playing the great Grape Ape in the pool, in the track or on a video game basketball court. For my money, Augie Doggie deserves credit for quickness and would be excellent for speed skating in a Winter Olympics-themed game.

Without a doubt the characters who lend themselves best to a video game are the Scoobie Doobies — generally crime fighters and mystery solvers. No doubt Jabber Jaw could perform Phelpsian deeds in the pool, while Speed Buggy would be hard to beat on the track. A couple of downsides: I have trouble believing either Shaggy Rogers or Scooby Dum could generate many points. However, what I wouldn’t give to unleash a “Captain Caaaaaaavemaaaaaaaan!” during video game play. Likewise, Hong Kong Phooey would be a load of fun. Scrappy Doo, obviously, would be a special unlockable character.

For cheats, video game or otherwise, you can’t do much better than the Really Rottens — scoundrels all. Video game play should certainly give these guys special cheaty abilities to be true to the original cartoon. Especially fun to play: Junior Creepley — long hair, low center of gravity.

Please Hanna-Barbera, hear my prayer. Partner with Nintendo pronto to bring your characters back to all their pixelated glory.