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PopCult has relocated from its original home, here at The Charleston Gazette-Mail. We began this process in late 2020, but have reached a point where most of our traffic has followed us to the new location.

This version of the blog still gets a couple dozen Google hits each day, so I’m leaving this post pinned here and have changed the header image to include our new URL. If you found us via a search engine, please follow this link to our new site.

For the last two years, most new posts here have carried this warning:

Special note: PopCult may disappear from this location at The Charleston Gazette-Mail soon. Don’t miss out on our new posts at our NEW HOME. Bookmark the new site, and subscribe to our RSS feed. You can also follow PopCult and Rudy Panucci on social media at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So this shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Two years ago, when first announcing the move, I wrote the following:

There is no acrimony or bitterness, it’s just that PopCult has never really been a priority at the newspaper, and I can’t really expect them to keep hosting what is really a personal blog that they could never figure out how to monetize. That they did so for fifteen years was pretty damned generous of them.

I want to thank The Charleston Gazette-Mail for letting me get away with writing this blog on their servers for so long. I also want to thank Douglas Imbrogno for hiring me in the first place, and to  my colleagues over the years who supported me in print for the first ten years of PopCult.  I wrote about my fifteenth anniversary just a few months ago, and leaving the Gazette-Mail was sort of a looming concern then.  This move shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone.

But now the time has come to stop updating this version of PopCult. It will save me quite a bit of time, since I had to format the posts differently. If you haven’t seen the new version of PopCult (complete with all our archives dating back to 2005) then please check it out. We have more graphics and video and content that we were not technically able to include here at The GM. And to be fair, the prestige I once had the benefit to bask in back when PopCult was a Gazzblog, hosted at The Charleston Gazette, has long since dissapated. The media landscape in Charleston (as with everywhere else) has drastically changed, and I fear that our city may soon find itself without a legitimate daily newspaper.

But PopCult will persevere, so please visit our new home for fresh content every single day.