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As many of our regular readers probably know, one of my other regular writing gigs is writing for Non-Sport Update, the Bible of the non-sport trading card hobby. I’ve been doing this since 1997, and my one informal agreement is that I don’t write about the same things in this blog that I do in the magazine.

However, I can tell you all about the latest issue of Non-Sport Update, which features a cover story by yours truly all about the Mars Attacks: Uprising Kickstarter campaign, which will see a new series of trading cards licensed from Topps and produced by Sidekick Lab.

You can find Non-Sport Update at many places that sell magazines. Locally that would be Books A Million. You can also subscribe and order back issues from our publisher.

My cover story in the new Non-Sport Update will tell you all about this trading card set and the Kickstarter campaign, but I can tell you that the campaign began just four days ago (as I write this) and it’s already met and nearly quadrupled it’s goal, so this set will definitely happen, and the only way to pre-order it and get Kickstarter-exclusive cards and bonuses is to head over now and buy in.

Check out the preview video…

As you can see, this is going to be quite an elaborate set that continues the sage of Mars Attacks with fantastic artwork and great insert cards and other bonuses. You can Kick in at this widget, if you haven’t already hit one of the links above…