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2017 PopCult Gift Guide: How To Write Cheesy Movies

How To Write Cheesy Movies: The Only Screenwriting Guide You’ll Never Need!  
gg-frankby Frank Conniff
Pothouse 90 Press
ISBN-13: 978-0692958407

Our next pick in the 2017 PopCult Gift Guide is a book that will teach you everything you need to know about writing a cheesy movie. Its author, Frank Conniff, is intimately acquainted with the ways of the cheesy movie from his years working on Mystery Science Theater 3000, where he not only played TV’s Frank, but was also responsible for ferreting out movies that were just perfectly awful, such as Manos: The Hands Of Fate.

This is the perfect gift for the lover of bad movies on your holiday shopping list. It’s also a treat for any fan of Frank’s and anybody who enjoys Mystery Science Theater 3000. Armed with the knowledge you glean from this tome, you could create a screenplay so gigantically atrocious that it could actually change the world with its awfulness, or possibly be optioned by Michael Bay.

Don’t take my word for it? You know you can believe the publisher’s own press release:

Lots of books claim to teach you how to write good movies. This is the first book that claims to teach you how to write cheesy movies. And author Frank Conniff can back up that claim. He spent years working at Mystery Science Theater 3000 as a writer, performer, and procurer of cheesy movies, the worst he could find. And in this volume he shares everything he learned at MST3K about the art of the artless. If your dream is to write a screenplay that could be the next Manos: The Hands Of Fate, this is the book for you to buy after you buy the book about dealing with the aftermath of a psychotic break.

How To Write Cheesy Movies: The Only Screenwriting Guide You’ll Never Need! is THE book on cinema for your movie snob friend with a genuine sense of humor. In this book, Conniff shows you how the sausage is made, and we’re not talkin’ high quality, good tasting sausage either. This is the stuff you wouldn’t feed to a dog. Much like a primer on how to build a bomb, only less deadly and more funny, this book is a real comedic gem.

You can order How To Write Cheesy Movies: The Only Screenwriting Guide You’ll Never Need! from Amazon, where the price tends to fluctuate by the hour, but is always less than thirteen bucks.