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Ten Years of RFC Flashback: Episode 43

rfc43montagethumbThis week we reach back to June 2008 for “Holden Caufield Shirt,” the forty-third edition of Radio Free Charleston. With this puppy we featured music from The Clementines, InFormation and Melanie Larch, plus the classic Troma Trailer for Daniel Boyd’s Strangest Dreams: Invasion Of The Space Preachers and the educational cartoon “Drugs Are Bad.”

We shot our host segments on the lawn at The University Of Charleston during Symphony Sunday, where it was hot enough to bake a person’s brain if they were stupid enough to wear a heavy felt hat. Other locations in this episode of RFC include The La Belle Theater in South Charleston, Taylor Books on Capitol Street, and lots of backwoods boondockery from two decades ago. Plus there are the Catfish, gathering in anticipation of FestivAll.

Full production notes can be found HERE.

PopCult Note: Remember that episode of Radio Free Charleston that we skipped a couple of weeks ago? You’ll find it here next week.