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Radio Free Charleston International Takes Over The AIR

rfci-new-logo-2-23-02Don’t forget, Wednesday at midnight we begin a 24-hour marathon of Radio Free Charleston International on The AIR! Tune in at the website, or on this handy embedded radio player…

Tune in at Midnight Wednesday for a special 24-hour marathon of Radio Free Charleston International. This is one full day of nothing but your PopCulteer playing whatever he wants to, all day long. If you want insight into how your humble blogger’s mind operates, check out this marathon that includes everything from The Beatles to DEVO to Frank Zappa to weird experimental synth music to neo-classical to oldies to obscure new music and bizarre old music.

It starts at midnight, Wednesday and wraps up at midnight, Thursday. Then, if you dare, you can settle in for seven hours of the best Swing Music from the last century on The Swing Shift.