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the_secret_life_of_pets_posterOkay, so your PopCulteer once again managed to combine Sunday Evening Videos with The PopCult Gift Guide. Tonight we’re going to look at three trailers for last summer’s hit animated feature, The Secret Life of Pets, which is available now anywhere that videos are sold.

Secret Life of Pets was produced by Illumination, the folks who gave us Despicable Me and The Minions, and it’s a real treat. In this PG-rated family comedy we find out what your pets do when you’re not at home. This movie has an all-star voice cast, including Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, and Kevin Hart.

giftguide-graphic-smallThis is actually the only new movie that your PopCulteer saw in a theater this year, and I’m glad that I picked it. Secret Life of Pets is a whole lot of fun. Just check out the other trailers below. The DVD/Blu-ray came out last week, or if you’re one of those streamy people, it’s been available on most services for a few weeks now.

‘Tis The Season on The AIR!

Fans of Holiday Music are in for a treat! Beginning at 7 AM (EST) Saturday and continuing all weekend long, The AIR will present hours and hours of a bizarre mix of traditional, quirky and occasionally profane Christmas and other holiday songs.

10 17 air logoBYou’ll hear everything from Swing to choral to New Wave to local and any other type of holiday music we could get our hands on.

You will hear everything from Kate Bush to Nat King Cole, Royal Crown Revue, Emmett Otter’s Jug Band, The Goons, Wall of Voodoo, and even Captain Beefheart!

You can tune in to The AIR at the website, or right on this shiny and cool little radio player widget…

These giant blocks of holiday programming, known as “The AIR XMAS Mess,” will be heard, along with holiday-themed episodes of our regular programming, until December 25.

giftguide-graphic-smallThis is the twelfth time that your PopCulteer has compiled a list of suggest gift ideas for his loyal readers. Time flies when you’re having fun. Today we’re going to look at some notable entries from previous years, because a lot of the ideas on display are still really good ways to make the folks on your holiday shopping list happy.

In 2014 we devoted one day of our gift guide to weird stuff. I’m not talking about run-of-the-mill weird stuff. I’m talking about knit Cthulu Ski Mask-Charlie Manson Fan Club-Edgar Allen Poe Candy-Bigfoot research kit weird stuff. You can see all those items and more HERE.

a6010-charles-manson-fan-club-back-e1417910340759In 2012 we devoted a whole post to local authors Frank Larnerd and Cat Pleska. The Books are still well worth reading, so go check them out HERE. Also in 2012 we told you about some great boxed sets of TV shows that are probably availablue much, much cheaper now. Check those out HERE.

Back in 2010 I suggested a book about the gore comics of Eerie Publications written by Mike Howlett. This is still a great book and a bit of an antidote to typical Christmas fare. It’s still in print and you can read my review of it HERE. Also in 2010 I offered up an entry that revisted past entries in previous editions of The PopCult Gift Guide. That means that this is something I’ll probably do every six years. You can revisit the past of me revisiting the past HERE.

Check back Sunday to see if I can figure out a way to combine the Gift Guide with Sunday Evening Video again.




impactIn episode 26, your host was knocked unconcious by then-twelve-year-old Cadance Young, who took over the show and introduced music by Whistlepunk and Sean Richardson, plus a short film by Audrey and Mia Beckner, animation by Rudy Panucci and a cameo by Mad Man Pondo. From September, 2007, it’s “Back To School.”

This was a fun episode to put together, and one of the very few RFC shows that includes outtakes. You can find the original production notes HERE.

The 2016 PopCult Gift Guide: Stuff To Do This Weekend


giftguide-graphic-smallThe PopCulteer
December 9
, 2016

We are going to take another day to catch our breath and play catch up by bringing you a list, with links, to all the 2016 PopCult Gift Guide selections so far. Over the weekend we will give you one big topic each day along with our regular PopCult features, and then we’ll return, tan, rested and ready, on Monday to bring you one last week of great gift ideas before we crawl off into the corner and collapse. The final master list will be posted here one week from today. Note that some of our entries appear under more than one category. That’s because some of our gift ideas are just too hard to define. Plus it makes it look like I’ve done more work than I really have.

Enjoy, and have a great holiday season!

The 2016 PopCult Gift Guide index


513saj8z1elThe Amazing Toys of Marvin Glass
Celeste Giuliano’s Pin-ups in 3-D
The Battle of Charleston
Rain No Evil
Mitch O’Connell’s Tattoos Volume II
TV’s Frank on MST3K
Maido: A Guide To Japanese Gestures
Pinball Wizards and Blacklight Destroyers
The Daily Show (The Book)
Heavy Metal Pizza Party (Crime Cats)
Portraits of The Legends of Comics
2Create: Art Collaborations In NYC
VISCERAL The Art of Jason Edmitson
Steppenwolf Theatre Company In The Own Words
Big In Japan II
Call of Cthulu for Beginning Readers
Stroker: The Artistic Works of Tom Medley


51cmbcxl5vl-_ss500Progressive Rock from Prognosis
Swing Music from The Swing Shift
New Wave Picks from Sydney’s Big Electric Cat
Diablo Blues Band
Dream Girl by Ann Magnuson
Kate Bush Before The Dawn
Todd Rundgren Live
Pete Townshend’s Deep End Live
Phantom of the Opera Remastered
Eight Days A Week: The Beatles-The Touring Years
Art and Music by The Punk


cabbage-patch-kids-9-inch-adoptimals-tabby-kitty-plush-figure-58952996-012016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster
AZIAM Yoga Toys
Lionel Mega Tracks
Terra Climber
I AM Elemental
Mensch on a Bench
Cabbage Patch Kid Baby So Real
Xtreme Cycle Moto Cam
My Fairy Garden
Peppy Pups
Greenlight Collectible Cars
LEGO Yellow Submarine
Hot Wheels Ai Racing System
DC Superhero Girls
The Amazing Toys of Marvin Glass


The World of Edena
The Fifth Beatle (Expanded Edition)
Super Weird Heroes
Charlton Neo Comics
Tiki Zombie Bundle
The Creeps Magazine
Call of Cthulu for Beginning Readers
Stroker: The Artistic Works of Tom Medley


Celebrity Name Game Home Edition
Noel Shuffle
Captain Action Card Game


4076d1_d01071ab3838400cb635de8a423768c9mv2_d_1728_2592_s_2Phantom of the Opera Remastered
Eight Days A Week: The Beatles-The Touring Years
The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man
Todd Rundgren Live
Pete Townshend’s Deep End Live


Aquabats Power Watch
That Pillow


The Charleston Anvil
The Creeps Magazine
Non Sport Update
Bachelor Pad Magazine
TCM Now Playing
Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street


The Art of Glen Brogan
Art and Music by The Punk
Mitch O’Connell’s Tattoos Volume II
Pinball Wizards and Blacklight Destroyers
Portraits of The Legends of Comics
2Create: Art Collaborations In NYC
VISCERAL The Art of Jason Edmitson


Eat Local
Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street


Oddbird Gift Emporium
Shop Local


Musical Theatre Gifts from Curtain Call
“Worst Christmas” at The Alban
Steppenwolf Theatre Company In The Own Words

91hkcf2hfrl-_sl150qq0_Pop Culture Themes

Batman ’66
Star Wars
Star Trek

Stuff You Need

Picks from On The Road with Mel

Check back for our regular features and the final week of the PopCult Gift Guide.

8149gwq1pbl-_sl1431_This pick is for fans of Pete Townshend, The Who, Pink Floyd and classic rock in general. It’s a live DVD/CD combo, recorded more than thirty years ago.

This show was filmed for the famous German TV series Rockpalast at MIDEM in Cannes on January 29th, 1986. Pete Townshend’s Deep End were touring in support of Townshend’s solo concept album White City: A Novel. Several of the musicians that appeared on the album were featured in the line-up of the Deep End including Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour on lead guitar. The set list has tracks from the White City album, other Pete Townshend solo tracks, Who classics, David Gilmour’s song Blue Light and a couple of surprises. Pete Townshend and the band deliver an outstanding performance that showcases him as a solo artist as distinct from his work with The Who.

The band line-up includes Pete Townshend (vocals, guitar); David Gilmour (guitar, vocals); Peter Hope-Evans (harmonica); Chucho Merchan (bass); Simon Phillips (drums); John Rabbit Bundrick (keyboards); Jody Linscott (percussion); The Kick Horns: Simon Clarke, Roddy Lorimer, Tim Sanders, Pete Beachill & Dave Plews; Backing Vocalists: Billy Nicholls, Ian Ellis, Chris Staines, Gina Foster & Coral Gordan

giftguide-graphic-smallThe DVD line up features the songs: 1. Won’t Get Fooled Again 2. Secondhand Love 3. Give Blood 4. Behind Blue Eyes 5. After The Fire 6. Slit Skirts 7. Blue Light 8. I Put A Spell On You 9. Hiding Out 10. The Sea Refuses No River 11. Face The Face 12. Pinball Wizard 13. A Little Is Enough 14. Rough Boys 15. Night Train. The CD has the same, minus “I Put A Spell On You.”

This was a time when Townshend was at his peak as a solo performer and it’s very reasonably priced. You can find it where ever music DVDs are sold, or at Amazon.

img_6027Okay, this is one of the hottest toys on the market and you probably don’t need PopCult to tell you about it, but DC Superhero Girls is such a cool toy line–action figures for girls to play with–and since we were a bit ahead of the curve with our report from the New York International Toy Fair last February, we wanted to remind you that this is a great gift for girls who like superheroes, comic book fans who like cool figures and parents who want to encourage their girls to be more than just a Barbie.

Available where ever toys are sold at a variety of sizes and price points.

This new line of Action Dolls empowers girls to explore the same play patterns as boys, with cool superhero figures like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn and more.DC Superhero Girls tells the adventures of Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl and others as teens at an academy to learn how to use their super powers.

giftguide-graphic-smallThe webseries has been running since last year and this is a line that will not only appeal to girls, but also to crossover superhero action figure collectors and young women who appreciate the positive message.It’s already a billion-dollar brand, so expect more from this fun, collectible line.

quotpatrick_watches_you_during_sexquot_pillowToday’s local pick is a pillow featuring the face of a certain unnamed podcast host who may be heard Monday nights on The AIR. This pillow is a soothing creation, one which will brighten your existence by its mere existence.

Do you need some constructive criticism in bed? Our anonymous friend is here to help you out. This throw pillow has its creator’s likeness on it, with a piece of constructive criticism. Imagine the constant presence of a comforting message that assures you that there are always other ways to achieve your fondest dreams.

giftguide-graphic-smallYou can add stylish fun to any room with this roomy throw pillow that will watch while you have sex (or do anything else). The pillow measures 18″ X 18″ with an 11″ X 11″ image area. It’s constructed from ultra-soft brushed twill with a sturdy canvas image area. The pillow ships with a pillow insert and a removable zippered cover for easy laundering. Warning: Repeated washing may wash that look right off of his face, so be judicious.

Available only from Cafepress for $15.99 plus shipping.

fronttikizcdThis pick in the 2016 PopCult Gift Guide comes to us from friends we met at JoeLanta and The Great Atlanta Toy Convention. Michael Gordon writes a fun comic book called Tiki Zombie, and has also released a fun CD with his pals, “Welcome To Tiki Z’s.”

Michael is also one of the masterminds behind the Earth Station One podcast network, famed among the Star Wars cognocenti, but we’re going to focus on Tiki Zombie here. In fact, we’re going to quote liberally from Michael’s announcement of the first Tiki Zombie comic book:

tz3Sick and tired of all the zombie books out there? Relax and have a drink with with TIKI ZOMBIE! Written by Michael A. Gordon with art by Peter Cutler. Travel to the exotic island of Mooga Bali where legend has it, lies the entrance to Avaiki (the underworld).

The place is home to strangeness, and perhaps the strangest of all is the protector of the island, a cursed lounge owner named Tiki Z. He does not remember his life before becoming undead, but he’s no mindless zombie. At least, I would not call him that to his face! He does not crave brains, but merely a good time and if you’re very lucky he’ll come to your rescue and make you a drink!

giftguide-graphic-smallNow you can snag all three issues (to date) of Tiki Zombie, plus the CD and a promo comic (which also includes our friends, Radio Cult) for the low price of fifteen bucks, plus five for shipping, just by visiting the New Legends Production webstore.

It’s a great deal, and it’s perfect for the comic book fan, lounge aficianado, Tiki freak or any fun-loving person on your holiday list.