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More Photos From The Walking Dead

img_8731The PopCult vacation photo essays continue with another dip back into our bag of images from your PopCulteer’s Thanksgiving trip to Georgia.

In this installment, we’re going to check out more of the sights of various shooting locations for the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead. To the right of this text you see the sign on the front of the door to the recreation of Morgan’s apartment from the acclaimed “Clear” episode.

Unfortunately we are still dealing with technical issues that limit the number of photos per essay and also keep us from captioning each one of them. We’ll try to sneak in a few comments here and there, though. In this batch of photos you’ll see shots from Grantville, Harelson and Senoia.

Keep checking back for more pics as we race to get the heck out of 2016.

The wall, still scrawled with Morgan’s grafitti, part of a semit-destroyed building, a block away from Morgan’s apartment. Let’s take a look at some shots from the inside and outside of this structure. It’s a really wild place, with a bizarre vibe.


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The PopCult Bookshelf

ssocover1We wanted to alert our loyal PopCult readers to a Kickstarter project that’s almost at its end. THE SECRET SOCIETY is a terrific comic book, produced by some of the folks associated with the Charlton Neo movement, and you have less than two days to support it and get in on the fun.

THE SECRET SOCIETY is a superhero-secret agent team of ‘metaphysical crimefighters’ developed by creator and writer Bradley Mason Hamlin with artist Mort Todd. The Society is made up of EDDIE CROSSBONES, a living skeleton, LUCY HELL, a devilgirl, PIG-MAN, a porcine powerhouse, HOURGLASS, a time-traveler who can’t control her powers, EL SECRETO, a man known as “the secret,” AGENT ADAMS, a fellow who gets his super powers from drinking spirits and many more!

The characters already have a cult following on the web through the Mystery Island websites and pulp novelettes of their adventures. This publication marks their first full comic book appearance and is now available with 8 variant covers showcasing individual members of the Secret Society. To see a TOP SECRET dossier on all the members of the Society, along with wild art, go to the MYSTERY ISLAND HQ.

Many consider the Secret Society worthy of films, TV and merchandise. The denizens of Mystery Island agree and this Kickstarter will help spread the word on this great super-group!

This comic features 40 pages with 3 complete stories presenting the origins of the Society’s most intense heroes… EDDIE CROSSBONES, the Living Skeleton; LUCY HELL, Devilgirl, EL SECRETO, the Man of Mystery and BLOODY MARIA, the Barrio Bombshell.

You can support THE SECRET SOCIETY and get a copy of SECRET SOCIETY ORIGINS #1 (along with other perks) by visiting the Kickstarter page in the widget below…

While you put away your gifts and take the decorations down, you can tune in to The AIR one last time (well, maybe the next-to-last-time) for the The AIR Christmas Hangover.

rfc-logo-24-001111You can tune in to The AIR all day today, until 10 PM, for the Christmas Hangover, as we continue to beat the dead horse of the holiday season by stretching out our special holiday programming for nearly one more whole day. This is your last chance to catch “Make A Daft Noise For Christmas” until next year. Or maybe, just maybe, one last time this weekend, by popular request.

At 1o PM you can go completly nuts as The AIR switches over for a fourteen-hour mini-marathon of Radio Free Charleston, cramming your ears full of terrific local music as we cleanse the palette to return to our regular programming. Listen at the website or on this neat little stocking stuffer of an embedded radio player…

Back To Rotofugi In Chicago

The PopCult Toybox

rot001On our recent trip to Chicago we couldn’t resist making a return trip to Rotofugi, which we first visited earlier this year. Rotofugi is a combo store/art gallery specializing in designer toys.  It is a bit of a Mecca for vinyl art toys that’s was chosen as the best store in the country by the readers of Clutter Magazine.We sorta had to bring you another mini-photo essay.

They carry stuff like Funko Pop figures, but there’s way more of it in a vast variety of different styles, sizes, and prices.We saw everything from small blind-box figures that were only a few bucks to medium-sized figures in the ten to twenty-dollar range to gigantic designer statues selling for several hundred dollars.  Of course, there were all sorts of cool things at all points in between, including Funko Pop, Vinyl Idolz, Kid Robot blind-boxes, weird plush, wooden toys, coloring books, Dunnies, Pusheen, and way more than I could possibly list here. It was overwhelming for collectors like us.

While it was amazing to visit Rotofugi in person, if you can’t make it to Chicago, head over to their website and check out their Facebook page for details on how to get in on discounts and other special deals. This is, of course, some of the coolest stuff on the planet and it was an amazing treat to get to go stand at Ground Zero for epic cool-assed weirdness and the world’s niftiest trinketry.

As with our first Rotofugi photo essay these photos were all taken with a Kodak Zi8 video camera, set to still picture mode, which had a fixed focus and less flexibility. I promise that on our next trip I’ll take the real camera to their store. And since we are still dealing with internet gremlins here at PopCult (if you’re looking for the search window and it’s not where it’s suposed to be, try scrolling all the way down to where the archives are at the bottom of the page), we’re just dishing out cool images with no captions. If you see something you like, visit their website. If you do make it to Chicago, you can visit Rotofugi at 2780 North Lincoln Avenue.




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Monday Morning Art: That Car



Your PopCulteer and his wife have made several trips to Senoia, Georgia now, and we’ve always seen this cool antique car parked by a tree on Main Street. However, the tree usually obscured our view. On our latest trip over Thanksgiving I finally got a decent shot of this classy set of wheels, and we kick off this last week of 2016 with a digital watercolor based on that photo.

Click to enlarge. Look for more photo essays of our recent travels all week long here in PopCult.

Also, you can tune in to The AIR all day today for the Christmas Hangover, as we beat the dead horse of the holiday season by stretching out our special holiday programming for one more day. This is your last chance to catch “Walking ‘Round In Women’s Underwear” until next year. Listen at the website or on this neat little stocking stuffer of an embedded radio player…

PopCult Wishes You A Merry Christmas

xmas-reeeeethMerry Christmas, Happy Holidays and whatever good tidings fill your bill from PopCult and the Larch-Panucci household.

2016 has been one of the most challenging years of recent memory, but I hope that everybody can find some peace and well-being on this special day.

For the eleventh year running, we bring you Melanie Larch singing “Ave Maria” from the very first Christmas episode of Radio Free Charleston.

Let’s follow that up with the 2014 Christmas treat that saw Melanie backed by Mark Scarpelli…

And we’ll finish with Mel’s 2009 Christmas song with Diablo Blues Band…

Wishing you and yours the best-

Rudy Panucci and Melanie Larch

The PopCult Christmas Treat: More MARY

Tonight, as our last PopCult Christmas Treat before the big day, we bring you two more clips from the Contemporary Youth Arts Company rock opera, MARY.

Come back tomorrow for our annual Christmas Day PopCult video treat.

montageRadio Free Charleston’s 28th episode was “John Lennon Shirt,” our first attempt at a Beatles tribute, despite the fact that we could not then use cover songs on the show.It debuted on October 11, 2007 and hasn’t been available for a few years.

Our music included “Hey John, I Did Imagine,” by Seven Minutes Til Mdnight and “Requiem For Pepperland” by Go Van Gogh. We also have Sir Paul speaking about cannibus, and the end credit audio is an excerpt from the original Radio Free Charleston radio show, with Rudy Panucci talking Beatles with Clownhole’s John Estep and Go Van Gogh’s Johnny Rock.

“Requiem of Pepperland” is an animated video that yours truly cranked out in four days. I know, it looks like I spent a whole week on it, but I was just learning how to use the computer at this point, so I get points for trying.

You can read the original production notes HERE.

The PopCult Christmas Treat: MARY

mary artMARY, the Rock Opera by Mark Scarpelli and Dan Kehde, is a Charleston tradition.

Opening each year for the last two decades on the day after Thanksgiving, MARY is a beautiful love story that tells all about the 9 months leading to the birth of Jesus, as seen through the eyes of the young teenage girl destined to be his mother.

It’s an amazing show and truly reminds us of the reason for the season.

Check out these videos from previous productions of MARY that we were fortunate enough to capture on camera…

Tomorrow night we’ll bring you two more clips from MARY.

15401070_10102166625432483_3371181331515106040_nThe PopCulteer
December 23
, 2016

We’ve been as busy as a horde of non-unionized elves here at PopCult this week. Last week we wrapped up the hilariously expansive 2016 PopCult Gift Guide, and the plan this week was to play catch-up and bring you a buttload of PopCult photo essays that would depict your PopCulteer’s recent travels.

We have been posting a lot of photo essays, but not at the rate we had planned. You see, we’ve developed a few glitches here at PopCult central, and that has slowed things down a bit and limited our ability to provide captions for all the photos. So we are going to continue posting bonus photo essays until the end of the year. We still have a lot of cool stuff to show you.

Speaking of cool stuff, please don’t forget that we are on XMAS overdrive and you can stay in the holiday spirit all week long on The AIR.

bal-landau-eugene-murphy-jr-interview-2015We’ve loaded our little internet radio station to the hilt with special Christmas programming, including an hour-long edition of The Third Shift that premieres Friday at 9 PM, with special guest, Eugene Landau Murphy.

Listen to the AIR website, or unwrap this peppermint-flavored embedded radio player right here…

We will also sneak in replays of The Third Shift all weekend long on The AIR.

Christmas For ALL

With Christmas taking place on Sunday we need to remember that not everybody has a family to go home to. Some folks just have no one, while others have been exiled from their families due to various reasons.

With a political climate that seems to want to see America hate again, there are people who are not welcome, or not comfortable spending the holidays with their families. Chase Henderson and Andrea Anderson had an idea to help people in this situation, and Keeley Steele offered up Starling’s Coffee and Provisions on Charleston’s East End to make it happen. Thus, Out on the Town for the Holidays was born. We quote from the Facebook event page (where we also stole the image of the rainbow Christmas tree at the top of this post).

All kinds are welcome for Christmas in West Virginia.

Can’t go home for Christmas? Or just want to get out of the house for the Holidays?

Join us at Starlings this Christmas for food and fun from 5pm to 8pm. The Laser Beams with Nate Cesco will be hosting an open mic night to distract us from whatever remaining horrors 2016 has for us. All this just for a suggested donation of $5 to help pay for the entertainment and food. Any surplus of donations will be given to Covenant House of Charleston – so feel free to keep giving.

This will be a pan-religious, pan-sexual, personal pan celebration of whatever you’d like. Then why have it on Christmas? Well, everything else is closed and everyone else went home.

Any questions call Chase Henderson at 3048810600.

Bill Lynch did a nice write-up about this in the Gazette-Mail. It’s truly in the spirit of the season.

That’s it for the PopCulteer this week. I hope that all my readers have a peaceful and happy holiday weekend. Our regular features will be here, and the photo essays will return next week.