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Learn About Our National Parks On The AIR

wed Park The AIRWe have great new programming all day Wednesday on The AIR, highlighted by a special edition of On The Road With Mel dedicated to our National Parks and new episodes of several of our programs. You can listen in on The AIR website or on this sweet and tasty little imbedded radio dohickey…

At 11 AM, we bring you a new compilation of Lynn Browder’s Autism Discussion program, which was originally scheduled for last week but which was delayed by technical glitches.

mEET mEL 0383At 1 PM, On The Road With Mel takes an in-depth look at West Virginia’s National Parks to celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service, which was established by President Woodrow Wilson 100 years ago this month.

Mel talks about the National Parks located within West Virginia’s borders, including the New River Gorge, as well as several nearby National Parks in our neighboring states. She wraps up the show with a quick guide on the best ways to travel to legendary National Park sites Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, Sequoia National Park, and the Grand Canyon.

You can hear replays of On The Road With Mel Friday morning and Sunday afternoon.

At 1:30 PM, tune in for the debut of this week’s edition of STUFF TO DO.  Rudy Panucci and Mel Larch tell you about all kinds of stuff to do including MultiFest and two different county fairs.  Plus, our live music previews include tracks by Hybrid Soul Project, Pepper Fandango, and The Company Stores.

Curtain Call 0012183At 2 PM, The Best of The Real With Mark Wolfe presents a discussion with Matt Ballard of Charleston Area Alliance.

3 PM is the premiere of a brand new episode of Curtain Call, where your host Mel Larch presents show tunes from CATS, Cabaret, Beauty & The Beast, Wicked, and more.

SWING SHIFT834 PM sees a brand new episode of The Swing Shift, where your PopCulteer brings you hot swing music from Glenn Miller, Django Reinhardt, Joe Jackson, Benny Goodman, Oingo Boingo, and more.

Curtain Call and The Swing Shift will be replayed back to back Thursday morning starting at 7 AM.

At 6 PM, The AIR debuts another classic episode of The Goon Show, starring Harry Seacombe, Spike Milligan, and Peter Sellars. This is followed by a replay of this week’s STUFF TO DO.

At 7 PM, The Best of Word Association with Lee and Rudy presents discussions of the early days of cable television and the olden days of Charleston radio. This is followed at 8 PM by The Booster Pack, presenting a primer on Anime.

At 9 PM, The Best of The Real With Mark Wolfe presents a compilation episode devoted to female guests who have been on the show.

At 10 PM, Brian Barganier and Jerry Morgan come at us with a fully loaded new episode of The Gibby Hunters. Following that, the evening is capped off with a new episode of The Comedy Vault.

AIR color 0003It’s another Tuesday packed with great music on The AIR, with new episodes of Radio Free Charleston and Radio Coolsville, a much-requested encore of Radio Free Charleston International, and part two of Six Degrees of Separation with Jack Griffith and Richard Alderson. We also managed to sneak in bonus airings of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat and Harrah’s Hard & Heavy.

You can tune in on The AIR website, or listen in this nifty little widetry doo-dad here…

At 10 AM and 10 PM, Radio Free Charleston kicks off Under Surveillance and continues with a full hour of great local and regional music. Just check out this astonishing playlist…

New RFC Logo 0401RFCv4018

Under Surveillance  “Pushed Me Too Far”
Time And Distance  “Live A Lie”
Westerberg High  “Walking With A Ghost”
Hellblinki  “Rust”
Charlie West All Stars  “Frankenstein”
Charlie West All Stars  “Snortin’ Whiskey”
Unknown Hinson  “Peace Love and Hard Liquor”
The Nanker Phelge  “Killer Took A Holiday”
Joe Vallina  “Haven’t Got Enough”
QiET “Hirundieans”
Mike Morningstar and Rick Roberts  “East End Bar”
Swivels  “Chemical City”
The Company Stores  “Rollin’ In”
J Marinelli  “Acceptable Faces”
Bobaflex  “You Don’t Wanna Know”
The Renfields  “Forbidden Planet”

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Monday Morning Art: Kitty In Blue



This morning we look at a quick digital painting of my imaginary daughter and favorite model, Kitty Killton, all in blue. This is based on a photo session from a few years back, when she was wearing red, but artistic license allows me to change things. Click to enlarge.