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Monday Morning Art: Borealis

blank canvas 011a

Remember that weird vortex that used to open up in the sky above the West Side all the time? What the heck was that all about, anyway? It’s a digital painting. Click to enlarge.

Check back later Monday for the RFC MINI SHOW starring FNG.

Sunday Evening Video: Dio De Los Muertes

950603-ronnie-james-dioaaI’m afraid my Spanish isn’t very good. However, I intend to make the best of it. So today, in honor of Dia De Los Muertes, please enjoy this concert by Ronnie James Dio. It’s him and his band performing live at Radio City Music Hall, which I believe might be in Mexico City, because I seem to recall from High School Spanish class that “Mexico” is Spanish for “Radio,” or something.

This is actually appropriate for the “Day of the Dead,” because Ronnie James Dio passed away over five years ago.