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vrRFCv3 #38

Opening Track: Mark Wolfe  “Promise”

Your host bounces back from a voice-robbing illness to bring you a show filled with great local and regional music, plus an hour of terrific Horror-Punk music including The Renfields, with Vincent Renfield (right).

For the time being, Radio Free Charleston V3 is operating as a podcast, hosted at Voices of Appalachia.  We hope to get the streaming service back online soon.

NAR log 003You can listen to the show in this widget [HERE] or if that’s not working or turning into a widget like it’s supposed to, right click on it and save it as a download, or open it in a new window to listen, or you could just click over to Voices of Appalachia. We’re trying to cover all our bases here.

If you were curious, yes that is the same Mark Wolfe who runs Mark Wolfe Designs and hosts The Real with Mark Wolfe and Steven Allen Adams, the noted podcast. He’s recording an album with Chuck Biel, and we open our show with the first salvo from it. Expect more in the coming weeks.

And remember that you can keep up with more Radio Free Charleston news over at our Facebook page.

The rest of our playlist…

No Rain  “Don’t Come Around”
Jack Griffith  “Everything It Takes”
Dina  “Pies”
Todd Rundgren  “Rise”

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Monday Morning Art: Eva Dances


This week’s art is a digital painting of Eva St. DuMal, one of the Riveting Roses, inspired by the video I posted of their ShockaCon 2015 performance last Friday. While under the influence of allergy meds and unable to use my voice this weekend, I decided to do some paintings based on the Roses, and this is the first one that I’m happy enough with to share. Click the image to enlarge.

There will be no Radio Free Charleston or RFC MINI SHOW this week because my voice is still shot. With any luck I will recover in time to narrate one last ShockaCon video, compiling all the short clips we shot, and record a new RFC podcast. Anyway, that’s the plan.

Start Halloween Season With A Lost “Classic”

Sunday Evening Video

91-VhcftQdL._SL1500_We are in October, and all month long folks immerse themselves in the macabre in search of fun. In that spirit, we kick off the first Sunday Evening Video this month with a 1980 movie starring Vincent Price, which offers up just the right mix of scary and goofy.

Actually, it’s way more goofy than scary, but The Monster Club is still loads of fun, with Price singing, plus appearances by John Carradine, Donald Pleasence and Britt Ekland, Is undeservedly obscure. It’s basically a horror anthology with a monster’s party as the framing device for three short horror tales.

A trivia note: This film was the only time that Vincent Price played a vampire in a full-length movie. Bonus obscurity is that the music in the film is provided by The Pretty Things and a pre-fame UB40 among others.

Rod Run Rewind

Since we are not doing a video clip of Charleston’s Doo Woo Rod Run this year (your PopCulteer is not feeling great and this weather sucks), we decided to bring you the video clips we produced for the 2013 and 2014 editions of Charleston’s huge car show,  instead of The RFC Flashback. With any luck, the fates won’t conspire to keep us waylaid during next year’s car show.

Image1The PopCulteer
October 2, 2015

So here’s the deal: Your PopCulteer is a bit under the weather. I’ve actually been dragging for more than a week. This has been good news for fans of ShockaCon, because editing video is not physically demanding work (time-consuming, yes, but it’s not exactly heavy lifting). I have been able to edit and post almost all of the video we shot at ShockaCon this year.

Unfortunately, last night I was exposed to cigar smoke, and by the time we got home, my voice was completely shot. So this week we are not going to attempt to do a STUFF TO DO podcast. It would be as painful for you to listen to as it would be for me to try and record it. I will post a few select graphics at the end of today’s PopCulteer, but please keep in mind that Charleston always has a ton of stuff going on, and this weekend, with the Doo Wop Rod Run in town, there’s more than usual.

Back to the ShockaCon videos, I only have one full-length videoleft to bring you, and it is well worth the wait. Our final full-length video from ShockaCon 2015 is the debut PG-rated performance of Charleston’s newest burlesque troupe, The Riveting Roses…

Image2The Riveting Roses debuted their PG-rated show at ShockaCon 2015. In the above video you can see Penny Maple, Cheri Cheesecake, Ruby Rouge, Vivan Von Geuse, Eva St. DuMal and guest Rose, Milo Otis perform astonishing feats of terpsichoric teasery as they delight the crowd at ShockaCon.

You can catch The Riveting Roses R-rated show on October 8 at The V Club, In Huntington; October 23 at Wildfire Saloon in Beckley and November 21 at the Greenbrier Valley Theater in Lewisberg.

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Stuff To Do: October 1

Hey, we have a very special Third Eye Cabaret tonight, plus two theatrical events of note. Check out the graphics below…

Title 001